Verdicts & Settlements


Confidential Settlement – Sexual Assault –  After an eight day jury trial, we achieved a confidential settlement with a Chicagoland Hospital for negligent retention of an employee. Our client, a deaf woman, was sexually assaulted by a hospital employee while she was a patient.  Before the jury could hear her testimony, the Chicagoland Hospital settled the case.

Confidential Settlement  – Bone Cancer – Confidential Settlement with a Chicagoland Hospital for failing to diagnose and treat a bone tumor in a 32 year old female.  The failure to diagnose and treat ultimately led to our client’s death at the age of 32.

$5 million –  Birth Injury A hospital and doctor agreed to pay a combined $5 million to settle a Cook County lawsuit filed by the mother of a boy who suffered a brain injury at birth and developed cerebral Palsy.

A 24-year-old immigrant from El Salvador who doesn’t speak English, went into lab or on July 24, 2006, at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights. During the course of her labor, a certified nurse midwife and nurses monitored the fetus’ heart rate and administered Pitocin to aid in the patient’s contractions. Read More…

$3.8 Million Dollars –  Birth Injury –  Settlement for a 7-year-old boy who suffered birth related injuries causing mild cerebral palsy. The mother’s labor was inadequately managed after she was given an off-label drug to induce her delivery. Her uterus ruptured, thereby depriving the baby boy of blood and oxygen until he was delivered by emergency c-section. Both the hospital and doctor contributed to the settlement.

$3 Million Dollars – Wrongful Death – Settlement for the wrongful death of a 49-year-old woman with cancer who died due to a prescription error. The resident who was discharging the patient from the hospital misread the attending physician’s order and prescribed 5 times the amount of medication 
than was recommended, causing the patient’s untimely death.

$2.7 Million Dollars – Wrongful Death – Settlement for the death of a city engineer struck by an automobile at 3:00 a.m. The first offer on the case was $20,000.00, the purported policy limits. Our investigation revealed that the defendant was coming home from a special job assignment when the collision occurred. We were then able to seek coverage from the employer and obtain a fair settlement for our clients.

$1.5 Million Dollars –  Motor Vehicle Collision – Settlement for a driver who was injured in an intersection collision. The defendant’s insurance company declined the claim, stating that their insured was free from fault. We filed a lawsuit, proved the case, and obtained the settlement.

$1.4 Million Dollars – Trucking Accident – Settlement for the serious injuries of a truck driver on the eve of trial for a man who was injured in a head-on semi-truck to semi-truck collision. The defendant trucking company only had a 1 million dollar policy covering the truck in question. The million dollars was offered numerous times and rejected by us. Our client deserved more and we were willing to try the case to obtain a higher amount. On the eve of trial, the defendant agreed to pay an additional $400,000.00. 

$1.1 Million Dollars – Wrongful Death – Settlement for the death of a single mother as a result of a motor vehicle collision. The insurance company claimed coverage of only $100,000.00 until Lucas & Cárdenas kept digging to uncover another policy for 1 million dollars that was not disclosed.

$1.1 Million Dollars – Fetal Demise- Settlement for a fetal demise. Obstetricians failed to properly monitor our client, a mother in labor, resulting in the death of her baby. The clinic and obstetricians were federally funded by United States Government.

$600,000.00  – Premises Liability/Shoulder Verdict  Our client sustained a shoulder injury while he was visiting an art museum when he tripped over a 16-inch high stanchion and cord barrier used to protect the art. Read more…

$550,000.00 – Dock Worker Settlement – Client was off-loading cargo when the truck driver unexpectedly moved the truck causing the worker to fall to the ground sustaining bi-lateral knee injuries.

$285,000.00  – Rotator Cuff Settlement –  Our client sustained a rotator cuff injury he tripped while walking through Millennium Park. We were able to secure a substantially higher settlement than comparable cases with similar injuries and facts.

$200,000.00  – Burn Settlement – Our client sustained second degree burns to his shins when his boat range exploded. We were able to sue the company who performed maintenance on the boat, which exploded in DuSable Harbor in downtown Chicago and obtained a favorable settlement for our client.